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PLATNER SOW POWER consist of over 100 sows. We farrow close to year round supplying our customers with pigs for most every show in America. 
We have York, Hamp, Duroc, and Crosses.  
We are also starting out a few more breeds as well: Spot, Chester, and Berk. 

This is the firm that raised the Record Selling Cross Gilt at the Indiana State Fair. $37,0000
She was shown by Samuel Diehm on the Indiana Jackpot circuit winning up to 5 shows. She was sold to lairds and sandals for 37k. 
In her first litter she raised two boars that were housed at Premium Blend. Mogul and Tycoon.  Mogul raised two high selling boars the following year at Indiana. 37k also raised several high selling weanlings pigs as well as high selling bred gilts.
These genetics are real and they are proven.
We have built our the base of our cross herd around this sow retaining several littermate sisters. We have also utilized her littermate boar pig "Why Not " housed at Sgi to make replacement gilts as well. 
We keep our genetics current by using boars all across the county to enhance the quality product for our customer. Please feel free to call and talk to Andy to see what we can do for You. Thank you 





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